Although it didn’t get a lot of coverage at the time, on Monday, 9 of the world’s 13 internet servers were hit by a denial of service attack. According to this story, most people didn’t notice because the attack only lasted 1 hour. It’s kind of strange to me that there wasn’t more info about this in the news. I suppose it’s because all news resources are focused on providing around the clock coverage of the D.C. sniper. Michael Moore calls it “Sniper Porn — a.k.a. nonstop news coverage that tells you nothing new but titillates and scares the bejeepers out of you.” (full text – good read.)

But I suppose the fact that a DoS attack doesn’t make the news shouldn’t be very surprising since it appears that not even the fact that the U.S. is going to war is deemed newsworthy. The sniper obsession is obstructing the real news. Did anyone even notice the $355.5 billion defense bill that Bush signed yesterday? Or how about the latest suspicious Jeb/George capers?

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