Time Travel, Apples in Maine, & VOI

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While some sites strive to provide breaking news stories, the Wayback Machine lets you surf the internet of the past. A part of the Internet Archive, the Wayback Machine allows you to enter a URL and then presents you with its archived pages for that URL. So you can see what Apple's un-Aquafied homepage looked like on 14 July 1997, when the Newton was still alive, Apple was taking pre-orders for OS 8 and the 'the world's fastest home computer' ran at 300MHZ. This September, the state of Maine sent out 17,000 laptops to 7th-graders across the state. The delivery of these laptops is part of a four-year $37.2 million contract between Maine and Apple, under which Apple has agreed to provide the state with laptops, wireless networking gear and training. Under this contract, all 7th and…
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