If you remember, last year Lawrence Lessig brought a case before the Supreme Court challenging the Copyright Term Extension Act. The basic argument of Lessig’s case was that the continous extension of copyright at the expense of the public domain was unconstitutional. Just to give a little background, over the past 40 years, Congress, in response to pressure from the movie and music industries, has lengthened copyright durations 11 times. The most recent of these extensions was the Copyright Term Extension Act (CTEA), also known as the Sonny Bono Act. Although the idea behind copyrights is that they protect the intellectual property of artists and provide incentive to create, some argue that the present copyright extension legislation allows corporations to continue profiting from works that should have entered into the public domain. This month the Supreme Court, in a 7-2 ruling, upheld the CTEA. So Mickey Mouse is still behind bars. Read what the Mouse himself has to say about the ruling.

So what’s new with Poindexter’s TIA? As more and more negative attention turns towards the program, DARPA has steadily been taking information off the TIA website. This includes personnel bios, the TIA logo and slogan, and replacing a detailed chart on TIA with a much less detailed one. How come they want to know everything about us, but we can’t know anything about them? Hmmm. Also, last week Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Wisc., announced his intention to introduce a bill to halt TIA, pending review of data-minig issues. Let’s see what happens.