i’ve been wanting to write something for the past couple days, but i just can’t even figure out where to start. i’m so disappointed and saddened with the state of the world. i still need some time to get my thoughts together, but in the meantime, you can read what other people have to say. where is raed? is the blog of a young man in baghdad. this is way more real than CNN. I would send you over the english version of al jazeera, but their servers have been under a DOS attack since yesterday. christopher allbritton is on his way to iraq to cover the war as an independent journalist, not beholden to any government or corporation. warblogging is another good source of information. or for a roundup of war blogs, there’s warblogs:cc. electroniciraqrounds up iraq news from more traditional news sources.

oh, and cnn has asked kevin sites (see previous entry) to stop blogging. sigh.