Month: February 2004

ATM Fraud

This is a bit disturbing… someone has posted pictures of a card reader and camera they found attached to an ATM in London. The card reader and camera took the details from every card inserted into the ATM and saved them to its memory stick. Apparently this is a new scam which allows thieves to collect bank card details very easily and clone ATM cards which they can then use to withdraw funds from bank accounts.

Firebird has flown the coop, Firefox has landed

Most of you that are interested in this sort of thing probably know this already, but the latest version of Mozilla’s standalone browser has now been released. This was the once-named Phoenix, then Firebird and now Firefox browser. This version has a few tweaks including an installer. It just keeps getting better and better. And in case anyone is interested, here are my top can’t-live-without-them extensions:

My current theme of choice is iCandy Jr, with corresponding CuteMenu icons

And then of course there are the obligatory mods to the user files.

And in just a couple hours you’ll have set-up your perfect browser, easy as cake 😉

Hitchhiker’s Guide Finally on the Big Screen?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, filming for the The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy will be starting this April in London. And in a stroke of casting genius, Martin Freeman, who played Tim in The Office, is going to play Arthur Dent. Yay!!

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