Newsweeks’ calculations:

150,000. The estimated number of all coalition forces in Iraq, of which about 124,000 are Americans and 26,000 are others.

20,000. The number of U.S. troops who are being told this week that they’ll have to stay in Iraq another 90 days, even though they’ve completed their one-year “boots on the ground” deployment.

8,875 to 10,725. The minimum and maximum estimates of the number of Iraqi civilians killed in Iraq so far, according to, an organization of British and American academics. Other groups have even higher estimates.

3,466. The total of American soldiers wounded in action in Iraq through April 17, 2004, according to the Pentagon. There’s a lot of controversy about these figures, which do not include many minor wounds, although they do include some soldiers who are wounded and returned to duty. Other estimates of wounded American soldiers range as high as 15,000.

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On an aside, I was wondering today, have we heard any news about Saddam since he was captured? Where are they holding him? What is he being charged with? Is he cooperating? Hmm…