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Today Ben and I found a moment to sit by the river and talk about Justin. It was lovely and a welcome respite from the madness that has swept through my life.

Whenever we had looked at the ducks before, Ben had always said the ducks were mama ducks. But today they were all papa ducks.



I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the generosity and kindness of our friends and family. Thank you all so much. I hope to be able to one day tell each of you exactly how much your kind words and incredibly generous actions have meant to us.

Today is the saddest day

Ze’s Invocation for beginnings

I was late to The Show by Ze Frank, but I instantly fell in love with it. Sadly, it ended soon after I discovered it. But now he’s back with A Show. He kicks off with “an invocation for anyone who hasn’t begun.”  Go watch if you need a kick in the pants to start that thing you’ve been putting off.

“There is no need to sharpen my pencils anymore. My pencils are sharp enough. Even the dull ones will make a mark.”

He is a stubborn little man


This is the best costume for today

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