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Newton and I have been friends for 12 years. Justin and I bought him with our wedding money, and for a long time he was the most expensive thing we owned. When we got him, he was a tiny puppy that fit in the palm of my hand. We weren’t sure what to name him, and it was Martin who came up with the name. A newton is a unit of force, a handheld portable, and the last name of a white-haired genius. Perfect fit! Well, maybe not the genius part, but that’s ok because he has a huge heart. 

Newton has been a constant companion all these years. He watched my three children arrive home, he was there when Justin didn’t come back, and he came with us when we left our old home for our new one. In our most joyous moments and during the darkest days, he had always been there: unwavering, unfailing, always smiling. So much love in such a small body!

Thank you, Newton. Good boy.