Date: 28 June 2016


For my mother’s birthday, I got her tickets to go see Dudamel directing Turangalîla. Tonight was the big night and as usual, Dudamel did not disappoint. 

I was not familiar with this piece, and it was the most spectacular and at the same time strangest piece of music I have ever seen performed live. There were instruments I had never seen before (ondes Martenot), as well as a grand piano, a keyed Glockenspiel, tubular bells and a celesta. It was mad and sounded like the weird, eerie, joyous soundtrack to a classic suspense/sci-fi movie. Amazing!

Live music is an injection of joy straight to the soul. 




The stars shifted or something and my kids haven’t stopped fighting in three days. Help.

June 28, 2016

The birthday cake my mother baked for me

On another planet

In a fascinating new ‘psycho-biography’ of science fiction visionary Philip K. Dick, Kyle Arnold reveals how the writer’s hallucinatory, speed-fuelled creativity had its roots in the haunting death in infancy of his twin sister.

Powers of Ten

I showed the kids this 1977 classic and they were duly impressed 🙂

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