Twenty Blessings

by Thomas A. Clark May the best hour of the day be yours. May luck go with you from hill to sea. May you stand against the prevailing wind. May no forest intimidate you. May you look out from your own eyes. May near and far attend you. May you bathe your face in the sun’s rays. May you have milk, cream, substance. May your actions be effective. May your thoughts be affective. May you will both the wild and the mild. May you sing the lark from the sky. May you place yourself in circumstance. May you be surrounded by goldfinches. May you pause among alders. May your desire be infinite. May what you touch be touched. May the company be less for your leaving. May you walk alone…
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Incompetent Malevolence

The malevolence of President Trump’s Executive Order on visas and refugees is mitigated chiefly—and perhaps only—by the astonishing incompetence of its drafting and construction.’s a very dangerous thing to have a White House that can’t with the remotest pretense of competence and governance put together a major policy document on a crucial set of national security issues without inducing an avalanche of litigation and wide diplomatic fallout. If the incompetence mitigates the malevolence in this case, that’ll be a blessing. But given the nature of the federal immigration powers, the mitigation may be small and the blessing short-lived; the implications of having an executive this inept are not small and won’t be short-lived. Benjamin Wittes, Lawfare
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