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Thursday, 267

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Once upon a time

Once upon a time


Today Ben and I found a moment to sit by the river and talk about Justin. It was lovely and a welcome respite from the madness that has swept through my life.

Whenever we had looked at the ducks before, Ben had always said the ducks were mama ducks. But today they were all papa ducks.


This is the best costume for today

Finding beauty

Ben is an avid photographer. He loves to take his camera out with him and will easily take hundreds of photos in a single outing

Earlier this week we had a gorgeous afternoon, especially appreciated because of all the rain we have been having.

We all went out for a walk and Ben and I decided to take our cameras. I told him we should try to take photos of things that we thought were beautiful. It was great to see what Ben chose to photograph.

Sometimes we photographed the same things.



Sometimes the different members of our party showed their appreciation of beauty in their own way.


But most of the time, Ben found beauty on his own.




 I am excited to share this hobby with Ben and even more excited to see all the photos he will take.


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