The Book of Accidentsfour-stars
by Chuck Wendig
Published: 20 July 2021
Genres: Horror
Pages: 530

A family returns to their hometown—and to the dark past that haunts them still.

My Thoughts

This book is about Nate, Maddie and Oliver and their fight against the Demon. But it’s also about love, and pain, and cycles of violence, and families. And, ultimately, it is about hope. The Book of Accidents tells a riveting, engaging, hell-of-a-ride story, but what takes it from good to great is that is also has a huge heart. Big recommend from me.


You get what you give. You also give what you get.

Life’s fucked up. It just is. It’s got ups and downs and I say it’s worse not appreciating the good things, because then what’s the point? It’s like the Native Americans used to say, right? Gotta use all of the buffalo. Life is a whole damn animal, and you can’t waste any part of it.

May we all wrestle with our demons and win.

Things like this had a way of living on, passed down and around from one person to the next. Love and pain, trauma and hope, light and dark. Around and around they go, some given as gifts, others as curses. The whole machine, whirling on its own axis. A cycle of something made, something broken, and hopefully something made again.

In horror’s wake, hope was a bountiful garden.

Dedication: Hell with it, this one’s for me.